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Friday, June 1, 2012

BPI Deposit Real Thrills : April 16-June 15, 2012

BPI never runs out of thrills for its new and existing clients. Today, you are being rewarded while you are saving. Just for every deposit of atleast P150,000 you'll get to enjoy exciting at the same time valuable rewards (gift items).

Here's the mechanics (This can also be viewed at Promo Mechanics for BPI Deposit Real Thrills:) 

  1. Promo is open to all new and existing individual clients of BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank or BPI Direct Savings Bank*. Promo period is from April 16 – June 15, 2012.
  2. To join, simply deposit at least Php 150,000 in fresh funds (or its equivalent in foreign currency) to a new or existing Savings or Checking account.
  3. Promo availment is for every deposit made for a minimum of Php 150,000. Complimentary gift will be based on which tier availment client will fall under.
    TIERAmount (in PHP)
    TIER A150,000
    TIER B500,000
    TIER C1,000,000
    TIER D5,000,000
  4. Complimentary gift from the following merchant partners will be in the form of a Gift Certificate.
    Automatic CentrePAL
    Citi ApplianceMercury Drug
    National BookstoreFitness First
    PetronBelo Medical
    Metro GaisanoBench
  5. In case a specific item is no longer available at the time of redemption, a replacement model or brand of equal value will be awarded.
  6. Deposit, depending on the tier availed, will be put on hold. In the event that client fails to meet the hold-out requirement, the bank reserves the right to deduct the value of the complimentary gift.
    • For 3 months if account is / will be enrolled in 24/7 Banking Channels
    • For 4 months if account will not be enrolled in 24/7 Banking Channels
  7. To claim the complimentary gift/s, clients must fill out the Claim Certificate and submit to the branch where the deposit was made.
  8. Chosen gift/s cannot be replaced once purchase is made by the Bank.
  9. Complimentary gift will be delivered to the branch where the deposit was made. Turn-around-time (TAT) for the processing of claims will be as follows:
    • GMMA: 12 banking days
    • Provincial: 15 banking days
  10. Merchandise items can be exchanged or replaced only if they arrive in defective or damaged condition. For items under warranty, coordination will be directly with the supplier.
  11. All account openings are subject to existing policies and procedures of the Bank.
  12. In case of dispute, the decision of the BPI Unibank with concurrence of DTI will be final.

Visit your nearest branch today. The promo period isn't over. You may wish to contact me as well at (082) 224 53 40. Save and enjoy!