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Saturday, May 12, 2012


I was 20 when I started working in a bank. My first job and here’s something LEGENDARY:   I am not RICH! (but I will be someday. Dreaming to be rich is free) I earn just well enough. It is  not true that people who work in a bank do have a lot of money. Hell yah! How I wish. The truth is we just deal with a million (raise to the power of 2 or 3 sometimes) of money matters every single day:  transactions in the bank involve money, we talk money, we make money, we eat money (just kidding!). And that money is not OURS. (Again, how I wish.) Nevertheless, we deal with money EVERYDAY! And maybe with my training and exposure in the bank, I'll learn how to make more of the money I am earning then I'll be rich.(I'll share it with you too and together we'll be rich) I'll claim that someday.  *crossed-fingers*

I am Kristine, area sales officer of the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI). I am not  the typical personnel of a bank. I don't handle client’s usual deposit or withdrawal transactions nor encode the information of a new client opening an account. I am not also the branch manager who supervises the branch operations and such. People don't usually see me inside the branch because I am out there... in the field. Looking for prospects, shoot them down to bank with us and sell our products and services.

 In this blog, I'd like to share my learning and insights inside the bank industry and impart knowledge with regards to money and banking. I'd try my best not to be biased, though I know in my heart that we are the number one (1) bank in the country. BPI is the bank of choice. Did I just say I am not biased? haha. Anyway, my being loyal of my own bank will be apparently obvious from time to time as I brag some of our best products and services. Please bear with me. *laughs*

Really. I hope to create an impact to people’s lives (even a little) with the help of this blog. :)

Let's make it easy! Let's talk money and soon, maybe we'll make money, grow our money, do something good out of our money.

Happy reading!


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