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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I will INVEST in Myself

I was browsing over Randell Tiongson’s previous posts when I stopped by reading an excerpt from his book: Invest in Yourself. (By the way Randell Tiongson is one of the aggressive financial gurus/advisers  here in the Philippines)
*Photo grabbed at http://www.randelltiongson.com/invest-in-yourself/

He said and I quote “I believe the best way to earn is to first invest on your best performing asset—You! Improving yourself will be the best way for you to earn better. Have you ever honestly asked the question, ‘Am I investing in myself?’”

And so I asked myself, Am I investing in myself? What are the things that I have done to enhance my skills or improve my self-value and knowledge.  I seldom read books or newspapers. I was even more updated to Showbiz news and Teleseryes (tsk2). Much of my time over the web is spent on reading facebook statuses and twitter updates. I have attended seminars solely because it was a job requirement. Thus, I haven’t invested much time, effort and money in improving myself.  I can only remember learning again when I was teaching last first Semester 2012. I wanted to go back to school and take a Masters degree but then it didn't materialize yet.

So, I think this is a posted CHALLENGE to me today. To invest on my best performing asset : MYSELF. As Randell mentioned on his post, read a lot. Read about leadership, financial articles, news, literature, etc. Take reading materials that can widen your horizon and even develop one’s vocabulary and even writing skills. Take time to attend seminars and talks that would be self-enriching and would add value to you. Converse with a lot of people (those who talk with sense) and engage one’s self to opportunities for growth.

I agree with Randell when he said that the best ever investment one can make is investing on one’s self. I  am accepting this challenge. I will invest on my beloved self. You should too. :)


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