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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to use Express Payment System (EPS) ?

Using EPS is simple as A-B-C. So when you are at the mall:

1.  Shop (Department Stores, Grocery stores, etc)

2.  At the counter (upon payment), look for EPS signage (Read : Are you a BPI Express Teller Card holder?) or ask the cashier about EPS.

3. Present your ATM card (BPI Express Teller Card) as payment for your purchases.

4.The cashier swipes your card in the Point-of –Sale (POS) terminal.

5. The cashier will request you to enter your PIN or your Personal Identification Number. The PIN is the same combination you use in the ATM.

6. The system automatically deducts the exact total amount of your purchase from your deposit (savings) account.

Happy shopping! :)


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