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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Advantages of Credit Card

YES! I am afraid of credit card. I am afraid that I end up with so much debts. I am afraid that I get too excited in shopping and SWIPE my credit card all the way to its limit. I am afraid of charges. And so on and so forth.

That was before. I was also paranoid before I actually realized how important and beneficial to my way of living can credit card be. That goes the same with you. Let me tell you how and why having a credit card rocks. (On my next note I'll share tips how to make use of your credit card wisely and get away from having debts or extra charges)

·I love to travel (By the way, I'm on a long distance relationship too). Thus I need to book flights. Buying in ticketing offices is an additional cost (transportation) and there are extra charges added to my purchased ticket (another) plus the very limited chance of getting a promo flight. With my credit card and ofcourse my internet facility. I booked online and get greater chances of winning (it feels winning for me) a promo flight to my chosen destination. Amazing!

·I find my long-waited suit displayed on a discount or a furniture I can give my mom on a 0% percent interest installment which is only good for this week (Check out my Installment credit feature soon) and yet my allotted money for that has not yet arrived. Thank you credit card, I can swiped and get that item on a lower price. I save money and I make myself/others happy at the same time. Isn’t that lovely?

·There was an emergency and the bill has to be paid in the hospital. If we stay and wait for the money, the bigger our bill gets. With my credit card, I can settle everything right there and then. Did I just save again? Yes.

·I can share the same benefits to a loveone like my parents in case. They will be my supplements. We share the same credit line and they enjoy the same benefits. I just know they’ll be happy. I bet your loved ones will be happy too just be sure to monitor their expenses too.

·I am torn between buying my immediate need and this thing I know I will need next week. I know I have saved money for it. With my credit card, I get both items at the same time. One maybe I have to purchase in cash. I save time and money too.

·Purchasing items or eating on a restaurant using my credit card helps me to collect points or receipts that I can exchange for a gift item or real thrill food. You like that too?

·I have a business or a hobby to finance. I don't get out of money (CASH) since I am able to revolve my money wisely with a credit card around.

·Once in a blue moon, I'd be needing cash. Credit card allows me to have cash advance.

· I don't want to bring cash. Having a credit card is less risky than bringing cash. I feel a lot safer and secured everytime I purchase. 

And I guess there's a list to go on here. Don't be afraid to have one. I find it more beneficial than life-threatening. *laughs*. Let's talk about managing and using it wisely soon. Credit card is not to have debts, it is to help you more in managing your finances and using your cash more practical. We'll talk more about it soon.

I am NOT afraid of credit card. I love it. 


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